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More than 25 Million MultiTech devices can be found across industries all over the world. Whatever your application, there is a MultiTech product to enable your solution. 




Oil and Gas

The major controllable cost categories associated with oil and gas production is  operational connectivity and visibility. These segments are all opportunities for MultiTech equipment to help connect your assets:

Responsible for getting the product out of the ground

Connects Upstream and Downstream (pipeline, rail, ships, intermediate processing)

Industrial users of hydrocarbon product to make consumables. These are generally part of large processing complexes

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From local growers to heavy equipment manufacturers to irrigation systems suppliers, MultiTech devices can be found on farms around the world, improving both yield and efficiency by monitoring:

  • Soil moisture and nutrient content
  • Animal activity and location
  • Building temperature, humidity and air quality
  • Feed systems
  • Water usage
  • Equipment health

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MultiTech enables medical equipment from defibrillators to hospital equipment to home care devices for improved:

  • Equipment maintenance and reliability
  • Patient compliance
  • Chronic disease management
  • Quality of care
  • Quality of life 

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In today’s global economy, companies are facing new challenges when it comes to managing remote offices, shops, factories and more. MultiTech helps you overcome those challenges with equipment that enables:

  • Wireless failover
  • Wireline replacement
  • Parallel networking
  • Remote equipment management and control
  • Facility automation
  • Secure data transfer

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Smart Cities

Whether you’re running a local utility, managing water, or controlling lighting, MultiTech equipment helps keep you connected to your assets to facilitate:

  • Water management systems
  • Pipeline and tank monitoring
  • Automated meter reading
  • Dynamic demand response
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Emergency alerts

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