Welcome to our Golden Anniversary celebration. Here's where we're collecting memories and souveniers -- and visioning for the next 50 years of innovation ahead. Bookmark this page and check back often. We'll be updating this content weekly throughout 2020.




Get the inside scoop on life inside MultiTech from the folks who know. This year, we'll be posting 50 perspectives from the team full of nostalgia, excitement for the future and a few surprises.

See What They're Saying.


Over 50 years of machine communications MultiTech has enabled all sorts of industrial and not-so-industrial applications. Check out  50 of our favorites here.

Favorite Apps.


At MultiTech, we think looking forward is as important as looking back. That's why we've enlisted industry thought leaders from across the IIoT community to paint us their vision for the future 50 years from now.

Future Visions.

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